Natural Labor Induction is designed to help women initiate their own labor naturally through time tested acupressure techniques and natural remedies. Acupressure can be very powerful so please only utilize these techniques if you are past 40 weeks gestation. Natural Labor Induction was created by Laurel Axen Carroll.

Laurel Axen Carroll

Laurel Axen Carroll is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist and has over 9 years of clinical experience.

After completing her Masters degree in Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, Laurel studied advanced meridian palpation with renowned acupuncturist Dr. Wang Ju Yi at the Tibetan Hospital in Beijing, China.

Laurel was a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan where she taught Obstetrics and Gynecology at graduate level. Additionally, she worked as a Supervisor in the college clinic teaching students of Chinese medicine in a practical setting.

Laurel is continually learning and is honored to have the opportunity to apply her listening skills to facilitate healing. She is an avid student of the martial arts, namely Brazilian Jiu Jitu  and lives with her husband and children in Brooklyn.

Laurel is currently working at The YinOva Center in Manhattan. Please call 212-533-2255 to schedule your appointment.

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